BUCS Preview: Dundee vs Strathclyde

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The people have spoken, and mostly what they have been saying is “Strathclyde”. Public opinion has called this one solidly in favour of the Dark Horses. You can’t help but feel that the (very)few dissenting voices are coming from those who want to believe in a good old fashioned underdog story.

Horses for the win

They’ve been hovering around the top end of University Ultimate for a few years now so it shouldn’t come as a suprise to anyone that Strathclyde are the overwhelming favourites.

Horse Power:

  • “Should be a walk in the park for Strath but allowing less experienced players pitch time will keep Dundee within a dignified margin”
  • “Even strathchump can’t mess up this gimme of a game.”
  • “i like horses”
  • Predicted average winning margin: 9 points

The case for Dundee

Well a 10% chance is still a chance, right? And we’ve all seen over the last couple of years that Horses seem reluctant to play to their full potential and really step up to the top of the pile so an upset is always a possibility. Dundee are rebuilding and showing good fight as a squad.

The ghost of Dundee past:

  • “Dundee to pull out a scrappy upset win and throw the league wide open!”

This could be closer than you think:

  • “Strathy are leaky at the back”
  • “Trading to about 4-4… then Strathclyde will take it away”
  • “We will try our best”

Kick them while they’re down:

  • “In the post-Dickers era Dundee have realised they are no longer good enough to continue to be pricks.”
  • “Dundee are the new Stirling”



Key influencers:

  • “Andrew Warnock to throw 4 assists. Ian Tait with 3 goals”
  • “Unless Ian Tait is playing, in which case the winning margin would be less”
  • “Mackie to be leading stats”
  • “Connor Rock to be point blocked”

Take away message:

  • “Horses will trot all over Dundee”

Good luck to both teams!


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