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Instead of getting some questionably informed predictions from us where we play it safe and back our favourites we thought we’d try something new and ask what you think.

Ahead of upcoming Scottish 1A BUCS fixtures we’ll give you a chance to submit your predictions and anything you have to say about the games. We will run a competition over the course of the season and publish a summary of predictions before each round of games so you can see which way public opinion is leaning.

Refreshing format giving voice to the people? Lazy abdication of responsibility for a well researched article? You decide!

This Wednesday we have two tasty encounters for you:

  • Dundee (H) vs Strathclyde (A)
  • Glasgow (H) vs St Andrews (A)

Let us know how you think they are going to play out:

Submit your predictions

Submissions close 9am Wednesday morning (7/11/18). If you want to see how the BUCS league is shaping up so far visit their site.


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