University Mixed Indoor Nationals 2024: Preview

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The university indoor season is peaking this weekend in the form of Mixed Nationals. Div 1 is being hosted in Nottingham and Div 2 in Derby, both on dreaded hardcourt. Scotland was supposed to be sending 4 teams to nationals with 2 in each division. However, despite winning regionals and having a good shot at nationals, Saint Andrews has now pulled out of the tournament. This, of course, is extremely unfortunate, not only for Saints but possibly for Scotland as a whole; the region will find out next season whether this will come back to bite them.

Apart from Saints, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Heriot-Watt all managed to qualify, the latter two for Div 2. It’s well known that a team’s success in mixed comes down to the women, so it’s not really a surprise that the first 3 teams qualified. It’s perhaps moreso a surprise for Heriot-Watt, being a team which is on the face of it, weaker. But they very deservedly took the 4th spot after a universe-point win against Saints 2.

Edinburgh has a good shot of doing very well this weekend, especially if their UMWIN results are anything to go by, with both teams having placed in the top 8 at Div 1. Taking the best players from each of these teams will surely be a strong combination, which is why the prediction over here at TRP is they’ll come away from the weekend with a medal. That being said, the thought of hardcourt is lurking in the back of our minds, so we won’t bet much on it.

Glasgow has been working hard this season, partly demonstrated by their commitment to 6.30am hardcourt training sessions every Monday. This team played extremely well at CXIR, placing 3rd and qualifying for nationals, so hopefully they can harness the same energy and determination this weekend. But word on the street is that lots of the squad has been dealing with injuries, so we’ll see if they’ve been able to rehab enough in time.

Heriot-Watt had a promising performance at regionals, beating out Saint’s and Glasgow’s strong second teams. They placed 13th at Div 2 last year, and they have a competitive seeding this year, so hopefully they can at least hold their seed and beat some Southern teams in the process.

What each of these teams have in common is talented and devoted alumni, who have decided to offer up their coaching services. Whether they want a taste of the glory they may have never experienced, or they just want to give back to their alma-mater, these coaches are invaluable assets to their respective teams. We caught up with them to find out about the teams competing this weekend.

You can see the regionals gamelist here.


Edinburgh, seeded 18th

Written by Adam Sweeney

What was Edinburgh’s main takeaway from regionals? 

We reviewed some of our footage and had some feelings about what we felt went well for us and where most of our mistakes came from. From having such a tight game against St. Andrews in the final, the takeaway is that we are able to be the best mixed team from Scotland, so we want to fight for that.

What has Edinburgh’s training focus been this year?

One of our key focuses has been to recognise the area of threat on defence and how best to shut it down. Conversely, we learned about how to abuse those same areas when teams don’t recognise the threat and how to easily win if they do. A big focus is trying to generate 1v1 scenarios on the pitch and at indoors, that usually means an easy pass. 

What’s been your favourite thing about coaching Edinburgh?

They’re all such a happy lot but also very focused, and take on board what we’re trying to aim for.  

What is Edinburgh’s aims and expectations for nationals?

Top 8 for sure, but I feel like a medal is easily within the remits of this team. 

Which key players make this team what it is?

I could say great things about them all, to be honest. Got to give it to our experienced handlers Zoe Todd and David Schall who are throwing an array of perfect shots. Jack McDermott’s understanding/brain for indoors will come clutch for defensive plays and quick breaks. Adreena Ann making layout catches and filthy breaks. Can’t beat the pure athleticism Jonny Evans has. Also got to give a lot of credit to captains Mari Hronska and Xander Froggatt, with their dedication to better themselves and the team. I could literally say something great about all of them if I had more space. 

What will make or break how the tournament goes for Edinburgh?

By playing hard through the tough points and staying focussed. Our tenacity to win and drive to keep going will shock other teams.

Division 2

Glasgow, seeded 8th:

Written by Audrey Melançon-Fournier

What was Glasgow’s main takeaway from regionals?

The team pretty much crumbled on the second day of regionals last year. This year, they showed how much they had grown, not only in terms of skills, but in terms of being able to keep their heads in the game and showing resilience.

What has Glasgow’s training focus been this year?

On D, it’s been about stopping their opponents’ first and second options, forcing them to take shots they don’t want. On O, it’s been about doing the basics right, not being silly, but also trusting their skills and teammates.

What’s been your favourite thing about coaching Glasgow?

They are just a pleasure to coach. I love watching them play as a team, always supporting and trusting each other and seeing them win because they work as a unit. The players are SO keen and eager to improve, and they really trust the process and the whole coaching team (myself, Joel and Philip). Also, it’s hilarious how they all immediately look at me on the sideline right after they do something dumb on the pitch. That’ll never not be funny.

What are Glasgow’s aims and expectations for nationals?

Quarters are always the first target, and then it’s anyone’s game.

Which key players make this team what it is?

This is like asking me to pick my favourite child. What sort of question is this. But if you make me choose, I’m the women’s coach so OF COURSE I’m going to say you better watch out for the gals.

What will make or break how the tournament goes for Glasgow?

The amount of silly. That’s a make or break for any team.

Heriot-Watt, seeded 10th:

Written by Cameron Dick

What was Heriot-Watt’s main takeaway from regionals?

After both the Saturday and Sunday Regional games they treated themselves to McDonald’s, so, McDonald’s. 

What has Heriot’s training focus been this year?

We predominantly trained mixed indoors as our main competitive focus for the season, so everything has been ramping up to this. Plus, we’ve all been trying to learn French.

What’s been your favourite thing about coaching Heriot?

I love seeing the team grow from strength to strength every season. Yes, we work on skills and game awareness at uni trainings, but a few players have turned their eyes towards club ultimate and I believe this has fed back positively into the team. I would encourage all players across Scotland to get stuck into club ultimate/pick-up over the spring/summer.

What are Heriot’s aims and expectations for nationals?

I can’t speak for the team, but my expectations for the team are to fight for every point and start every game with a mindset that they can win. UXIN spots for Scotland were hard to come by this year and they need to realise that not only do they deserve to be there, but that they can smash anyone there on the day.

Which key players make this team what it is?

The people that pick up the kit bag for trainings/tournaments or the people who wash the training bibs. Shout-out to the minivan drivers as well; a very underappreciated role on the team.

What will make or break how the tournament goes for Heriot?


Thanks for reading! Keep in the loop with the results from the weekend by following along – you can find the Div 1 schedule here and the Div 2 schedule here.

Photos by Tristan Millington Photography.


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