BUCS Preview: Glasgow vs Heriot Watt


One voice is willing to go against popular opinion. Do they truly believe in the ability of Heriot Watt or do they subscribe to the belief that history is doomed to repeat itself? This fixture has thrown up some tight matches over the last few years and Heriot have been credited with some wins that might have seemed against the run of play but they need to be commended for staying in the game and taking their chances when it counts. Glasgow will know that they can’t get comfortable against this team.

Heriot did Watt?

Nobody seems to be giving them much of a chance off their own merits but they’ll know that it’s the result that counts and why shouldn’t they believe they can do it again?

  • “Heriot Watt will be using the same team they did for Stirling tune up”
  • “Although there are now 100% more gb players on the Herriot Watt team – upset still on the cards.”
  • “Glasgow going to chump it”



A home game they feel they should win to start off a busy period of matches, just what you want right?

  • “Lol Glasgow got beaten last year by HW, I’m sure there won’t be any mistakes this time by them”
  • “would be more entertaining to watch if it was mixed lol”
  • “Glasgow going to chump it”
  • Predicted winning margin: 7 points



Key influencers:

  • “Close until half time, Glasgow then have the experience to pull away. Depends if anyone actually calls travel on Gavin or not.”
  • “heard great things about joel terry, what a guy “

Take away message:

  • “HW have nothing on these guys. The team in yellow always win this fixture.”

Good luck to both teams!


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