BUCS Preview: Glasgow vs Heriot-Watt



People don’t seem interested in buying into the drama we tried to create here, or maybe Heriot-Watt just don’t quite fit as the plucky underdog, either way the expectation seems to be that Flung will deal with their business.

  • “Flung to come out firing hard looking for the 14 point swing in goal difference needed to catch up with strathy, but fade a bit towards the end.” Ed: And then presumably realise it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because of the head-to-head result
  • “Let’s hope Glasgow stop messing around and just get the job done. “
  • “Lol Glasgow got beaten last year by HW, I’m sure there won’t be any mistakes this time by them”
  • “Yeah, nah, she’ll (Flung) be right”
  • Predicted winning margin: 6 points.


They’ve got form when it comes to upsets over Glasgow and they’ve been decent in the league up until now. The win against Saints should give them some confidence and they’ve got nothing to lose.

  • “Team in yellow always wins this fixture.”
  • “Glasgow were slow last week, mark them deep and HW have a great chance. Up the tech.”
  • “Anyone else feeling a bit of ‘Deja Vu’ filling out this prediction? Will Heriot turn up?”


Key influencers:

  • Nobody wanted to talk about anyone in particular this time around. Both teams need to work on their personality
  • Maybe the prayers/visualisation/sacrificed chickens of Ro Sham Bo?

Take away message:

  • “There should be no hype at all around this – fully expect Glasgow to perform professionally and dispatch HW with relative ease”


Good luck to both teams!


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