BUCS Preview: Heriot Watt vs St Andrews



Will they remember their plays/each other’s names? Will playing the waiting, then waiting some more, and some more, game all prove to be part of their strategy?

  • “If there’s any wind HW will get confused about having to play outdoor games without a roof.”
  • “Heriot Watt will only have 9 players. Fraser will be conflicted around his new GB pals, his new GB pals won’t be.”
  • “Close close game, depends who turns up really.”
  • “would be more entertaining if it was mixed”

St Andrews

Surely it’s theirs to lose? But that was exactly the position they found themselves in against Edinburgh at Indoor Nationals recently and HW have been known to cause an upset or two in the past.

  • “Close close game, depends who turns up really.”
  • “Hannes will call travel on a scoring pass for his own team”
  • “Game is scheduled for 2 hours, 58% of this will be spent discussing calls”
  • Predicted winning margin: 5 points



Key influencers:

  • “GBU24 men’s star Fraser Stewart to get a lot of unders and then absolutely nothing else”
  • “Jack Lynch to win the game by 6”

Take away message:
Everyone is backing Saints but not many are confident it’ll be a decisive victory.

  • “Close game, could go to universe. Saints will just about take it. Jack Lynch.”
  • “Saints have not impressed, but HW even less so”

Good luck to both teams!


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