BUCS Preview: Dundee vs Glasgow



Was their result against Edinburgh signs of a Dundee resurgence? Will they build on this and further confuse Scottish University Ultimate by pulling out a victory? Probably not.

  • “Star player Tony Tofalis to sky himself for the first point”
  • “Dundee will likely celebrate any loss under 8 points and will be happy as long as they get Joel’s autograph after the game.”
  • “Who knows with Dundee anymore.”


A few new faces in the mix and a couple of familiar ones may be missing. Great opportunity for new talent or tempting fate?

  • “Could be a tough match as Flung will be missing some key players, but with the experience they have and a couple of new faces looking to impress should be able to secure the win.”
  • “Glasgow will take four points to adjust to the Dundee air, Joel will make it through unless he’s shaved, then he’s screwed. Dundee will chump it after a handler storms off.”
  • “Would be more entertaining if it was mixed”
  • Predicted winning margin: 6 points



Key influencers:

  • “Doug to sky Jonny, Nick to try take Joel and lose, Glasgow will storm the league and then lose to Strathy to finish second for jokes”
  • “Doug Fraser to be the 6th best player on the field but still come away with mvp” – Ed: Would be quite impressive considering he isn’t intending to play, however he did say he would still graciously accept the award.

Take away message:

  • “Dundee will try their best, and first half will be close. But Glasgows depth will pull away in the second half.”

We just hope that the game will go ahead but aren’t taking anything for granted due to the strange physics local to Dundee as proved by the last cancellation…

Good luck to both teams!


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