BUCS: Week 5 prediction and leaderboard

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This Wednesday sees a round of BUCS make up games in the form of postponed fixtures from last term. If you gave us your prediction for the Edinburgh vs Dundee match last time we’ll carry that over, or feel free to submit a new one.

Edinburgh (H) vs Dundee (A)

Last time around the predictions weren’t happy reading for Dundee, and I doubt public opinion will be swayed by anything less than Santa having delivered some reinforcements. Unfortunately I don’t think relying on a jolly fat man in red is a sound strategy for Dundee. But there has been a long break in fixtures and minimal training time for either side since term started so it may come down to who gets back into their flow quickest.

Glasgow (H) vs Heriot Watt(A)

A crucial match and a potential stumbling block for Glasgow, Heriot have managed to ruin Flung’s day on more than one occasion in the past few years. Glasgow would definitely have preferred to play last term and build up some momentum after their win against Saints. Was this a tactical masterstroke by Heriot? Did they use the extra time wisely, perhaps adopting some tactics from other sporting realms? If they have been spying on opposition training will they be intimidated by the fact that Glasgow finally managed to get double figures to an outdoor men’s practice last week?

Let us know how you think these matches will go

If you have any additional material you want to send us please email thereleasepoint@gmail.com

Current leaderboard

Who? Points
MasterButtBlaster5000 9
William Watt 8
Matt T 8
Micah 8
BoJo 8
Joe Pennington 8
Spicy IC 7
Nick Byrne 7
I’m a llama 7
Gabe S 7
Henrik Young 7
fanofthescots 7
Small 7
Cameron Agnew 6
DR 6
Anonymity 6
Oscar 5
Tea 5
Fraser Macdonald 4
Andrew Warnock 4
Yeet 4
Ian Tait 4
Joel 4
Daniel McElderry 4
Bryn 3
. 3
Alistair Robb 3
Toby Haworth 3

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