Profile: Katie Flight

Katie Flight

When and why did you start playing ultimate?
Started when I was 11 and because it was raining and I couldn’t play hockey that day!

Give us some points about your playing style and things that are crucial to your game.
I’m an aggressive handler, and I love an up the line cut to huck move!

Who are your biggest influences in Scottish ultimate?
Dunxel – they both help me immensely to push myself and make myself better. They’re also super honest in their feedback which helps me.

What are your best memories from throughout your time playing ultimate?
Nationals with Glasgow, aside from the last four points of the SMOG game and the second Reading game.

What are you most excited about going to worlds?
Pushing the realms of how sunburned a person can get, potentially coming home with a medal!

What is your favourite Aussie animal?

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trialling for GB in the future?
Go for it! It’s so much fun and you’ll improve so much. Just go and give it your best!


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  • Congratulations Katie, you have come along way from playing against Matt and his team in Birmingham.
    Bring back a medal sweetie xxx

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