Profile: Duncan Norquay Webster


When and why did you start playing ultimate?

Glasgow University freshers week 2013. Missed football trials due to a hangover during freshers and saw that ultimate had a taster session that afternoon, guilt compelled me to go along. The rest is history.

Give us some points about your playing style and things that are crucial to your game.

Layout, footblock, sky, dump pass. As a defender I try to bring a high level of intensity to my game as for me that is when everything else melts away and you have the most fun. I would describe my playing style as passionate and hopefully as a playmaker. Even if it results in the occasional overzealous huck, go hard or go home.

Also my hair is crucial to my game. Be sure to bring hair wax to the pitch, got to have the quintessential quality quiff.

Who are your biggest influences in Scottish ultimate?

Shaun and Phil Webb. Fantastic coaches who taught me how to play and are still helping me to develop today. I seriously doubt I’d be where I am today without their expert advice, commitment and patience when dealing with me. Not sure which is which though.

What are your best memories from throughout your time playing ultimate?

My best memories are not of individual plays but moments when the team came together and became a single cohesive and passionate unit. Multiple times playing with GU, Boston College and Farflung, I experienced indescribable emotions when the team existed as one and those moments stand out. Even if we didn’t win the game experiencing that shared sensation of purpose and desire are the memories I cherish.

Also this guy called Axel keeps turning up along the way and following me so I suppose his friendship is aite. Taught him everything he knows.

What are you most excited about going to worlds?

I’m excited to actually play some ultimate against some great squads and see the team perform. It has been a long process starting well over a year ago and I cannot wait to step on to the pitch and represent Great Britain.

What is your favourite Aussie animal?

Honey badger, it’s not from Australia but honey badger don’t care.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trialling for GB in the future?

You’ll never get a number unless you roll the dice. It’s always worth giving it a shot rather than thinking what if. Even if you don’t necessarily make a squad the experience will still provide a fantastic opportunity to test your skills, meet other players and to push yourself. Also if you don’t make it first time (like myself) try again and see what you can accomplish.


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