BUCS: Week 9 predictions and leader board


We’re getting down to the business end of the league now. The table is starting to take shape but these last few fixtures are crucial and could see big swings in terms of finishing position and those 3 qualification spots for Div 1 nationals.

Current BUCS Scottish 1A table

St Andrews (H) vs Edinburgh (A)

Public opinion finally got one wrong last week, with St Andrews losing heavily to Heriot-Watt. That gives Saints the title of “leagues least predictable team”, having been involved in the only two results that could be considered upsets this season (they beat Horses early on). Both teams need to win to have any realistic chance of taking that 3rd spot, although there are still possible scenarios that mean they’ll be relying on other results going their way. Edinburgh haven’t exactly been convincing in their last two matches either. When both teams are at full strength this should be a great game, will this one be decided by who bounces back best?

Strathclyde (H) vs Glasgow (A)

Scottish Uni Ultimate’s only derby comes around again (sorry Heriot-Watt, we feel like Edinburgh probably doesn’t acknowledge you). Whenever these teams clash they always seem to find a little extra. In the past that extra hasn’t always been helpful but these days they seem to regard each other with at least a grudging respect. Isn’t it annoying when your little brother grows up and might be just slightly taller than you?

Whoever comes out on top in this game wins the League. Simple. So simple that the rest of the Horses team have sent Cameron Mackie on a ski trip so that he can’t overcomplicate matters.

Let us know how you think these matches will go

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Current leaderboard

Who? Points
Masterbuttblaster5000 23
Nick Byrne 22
Micah 21
Henrik Young 20
William Watt 20
DR 20
I’m a llama 20
Badger 18
fanofthescots 17
BJC 11
Gabe S 10
Bryn 9
Adam G 9
BoJo 8
Joe Pennington 8
Matt T 8
Oscar 8
Daniel McElderry 7
Fraser Macdonald 7
Small 7
Spicy IC 7
Anonymity 6
Cameron Agnew 6
Tea 5
Ian Tait 4
Joel 4
Yeet 4
*Yote 4
Alistair Robb 3
Jesse Shofner 3
Toby Haworth 3
Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink 3
This question needs a capital U 0

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