BUCS Preview: Glasgow vs Edinburgh



Everyone agrees they’ve got some talent but don’t seem to trust their staying power.

  • “Ro Sham to start strong, but fade when Flung’s offence kicks into gear. Dubious travel calls to be made.”
  • “Ro Sham’s tall boy won’t remember he is tall and will mill around the disc doing nothing.”
  • “There will be a moment when Edinburgh hold to bring it back within 4 and they’ll go crazy.”
  • “It will be funky. Edinburgh will have cut the fat with every non-esential player up north to face Aberdeen, but Glasgow’s lack of games will scupper their chemistry. Lochlan will probably break Joel, or the other way around. Sean and Bryn will get confused because they’re the same person and will probably switch sides at some point, no one will notice.”
Perhaps in the long ago days of Bryn’s youth, but captaincy changes a man…
Pirate-themed communist captain of the people Sean Martin-Beattie. Wait, no, I mean Bryn De Ivey


Public opinion very much in favour of Glasgow but they aren’t predicted to run away with this one.

  • “Both very strong but Glasgow’s defence will prove the difference in the second half.”
  • “West Coast over the No voters any day of the week”
  • “Edinburgh is good but Glasgow is better”
  • Predicted winning margin: 4 points



Key influencers:

  • “Lochlan to completely shutdown any dump action. Iain Campbell to throw Glasgow’s way through all Ro Sham defence. Sam to moan about some injury but play anyways. Lucas to score a hatful of goals”

Take away message:

  • “It’ll be a solid start by both teams, then their 4 players will get tired and it’ll descend into a scrapfest.”
  • “These two teams will show the same amount of character as a wholemeal bagel” – Ed: can only assume this is a grudging concession that there are teams out there closer to plain white bread so it could be worse?

Good luck to both teams!


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