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We’re just getting started at the moment, but the idea is to provide some semi-regular updates on what is going on in Ultimate around Scotland with a focus on Glasgow because that’s where we’re based and that’s what we know. Sometimes our contributors feel like tackling issues that are relevant to the wider Ultimate community and we’ll give that a go too.

We’re hopeful we can bring a more informed perspective on Scottish Ultimate than currently exists online. If we fall short of that mark we’ll at least add to the frisbee procrastination body of work.

Give us a hand!
Maybe you’re right, maybe you can do a better job. We’re looking for more people to contribute to the site so we’d be more than happy to give you the chance. Even if you just have suggestions about what you’d like us to cover or feedback on the site, please get in touch with thereleasepoint@gmail.com

The Release Point.